In The Air / In The Air
Akitoshi Shiomi&Ken'ichiTajima

1. Love Don't Hurt You
2. Melody
3. Time To Rise
4. It Was The Night
5. Smile
6. Never Look Down
7. I Saw You
8. Words Of Love

Performer: Akitoshi Shiomi & Ken'ichi Tajima 
Compose : Akitoshi Shiomi,Ken'ichi Tajima
Programming : Kenichi Tajima

Love Don't Hurt You

my baby's almost gone
she decided to go out from this town

I'll never prevent her
'cause I don't wanna do same mistake again

 *I don't know what hurt you
  it makes stumble and fall
  I don't know what you wanna do
  we're wasted time

  so you should live in a new day
  that you can make all of it
  but instead of a freedom
  you'll have to stand yourself

  **love don't hurt you
    so don't go away no more from love
    you'd better step into it
    get close and make up your mind
    we'd better open each other's heart

when some of bad news came
take the edge off them with your smile

to be or not to be, you're asking
it is the problem not at all

(* Repeat)

(** Repeat)

  we both know this is the only way
  we are all alone to live one's life
  but we keep on trying to break walls without the key
  every days and nights are spend for this attempt

and are you still do crying ?
if is it so, it's the useless thing
you know it's up to you no doubt



Lyrics:Masataka Hiroyasu

I woke up in one morning, finding myself
Alone in an empty room of mine

The cloudy sky is moving, bringing threads of light
With air so cold rolls by my face

Didn't imagine ending like this
I've never thought to come again
There has been a love of bliss
Turned into a pain

Walking in to park, oak trees wearing dress of fall
Watching the people going by

Suddenly rain starts pouring, falling onto me
Knowing I've got to leave here too

How little things we really shared
Though the time we spent together
How could I've known to be aware
The changing weather

*Memories, tracing back all troubles
Coming back to me and fill me with groom

Remedies, tried to cure my heart
Tried to patch up there's some missing piece

Melody, carrying me out to the days that filled with song
Then I don't feel so wrong

Decided to coming back to the empty room of mine
Leaving behind the rainbow

The reflection of sky and me, each puddles on the road
Showing the figures of the past

I still need the love from you
To tell you honest from my heart
I don't know how to get out this blues
To make new start

(* Repeat)

I can go back to nowhere
I must move on to somewhere
But I don't know where to be
But I'll just keep dragging on
To find the truth that I want
Without you

(* Repeat and fade)

Time To Rise

Lyric : Masahiro Goto 
Guitars : Ken'ichi Tajima 
Piano & Strings Arrange : Akitoshi Shiomi 

Most bankers spend till they lose
Telling' us we gotta pay the debt
They can't erase

Broadcasters eat on their news
Helpin' cults,killin' men,tellin' wrongs
What a damn case!

This land is illin' now
The bad can take it all
The good always don't know their truth
Honesty does not pay

You fooled guys
Must be wise
Time to rise,NOW!
Break their door
Start your war
Make them sore,HEY!

Fake preachers poison the sheep
Thinkin' o' bringin' hell on the earth
See us with hate

Bureaucrats let the sick weep
Don't wanna help them but when they do
Always too late

This land is goin' bad
What should I rely on?
Tell me who I can now count on
If there is someone left

Keep your eyes
Find their lies
Time to rise,NOW!
You should doubt
You should shout 
Kick them out,HEY!

The tricky custom  still exists
"Never fail to put a lid on the scandal you have made"
They don't say sorry
'Til we can find out what they've done
Grasp at the tail
Strip off the vail
Put them in jail
Bring on the gale

It Was The Night

Lyric : Akitoshi Shiomi 
Piano Arrange : Akitoshi Shiomi 
Acoustic Guitar : Akitoshi Shiomi 

gloomy light
never bright
how long would it last?

hangin' around
never ends
i can't think other way

  there's no reason why I spend my time like this
  memory's staying now in all my mind

it was the night you're lying near
kiss me without no words for love
and i didn't say that stay here more

was I wrong
what i've done
I can't recall first things

clock's move
but time don't pass
something's wrong since the night

  i've been thought the night just like this
  will come above me again openly
  but now I realize it's one time only
  it was you not other girl

it might be the night the last chance for me
to tellin' the words that I need you


Lyric Masahiro Goto (Masa-san)

You just heave a sigh
Vacant eyes are floating in the air
But you never cry
Tryin' hard to hide your love affair

Who did break your gentle heart?
I can't see your shaded face

Smile once again
I'll ease your pain
I will drive out all your fear
My word's for real
Say what you feel
Time to make your troubles clear

Even when you're down
Please don't think you're hopeless
Keep your pride
I can be your clown
Any moment I am by your side

Maybe he must've been a fool
Who could leave a girl like you?

If you go out of your door
There's no worry any more
Love is harsh and bittersweet
Sometimes made of tricks and cheat
It's true
But you'll finally complete it

Never Look Down

Lyrics:Masataka Hiroyasu

When the time's getting wrong again
When everything starts moving to the way that you don't like
And you're standing on your toes,
Or just feeling so much low
Try not to think it too bad, you can let it go

The life has face insencerity
Like walking among the crowded road that's going to nowhere
Sometimes you lose your way, the other time thrown away
Except that if you know that there is someone who's caring about you

I'm the one who would never break your heart
I can make you feel so stronger and brighter
Just trust in me and let yourself out and open up, don't look down

*I save it all for you
The simple truth and my lonely heart
Don't tell me that's fool
'Cause I'll be here, right by your side, so

Your eyes shines for eternity
Your words and every movement there's a song and celebrity
You've been doing all your best, there's no need to be depressed
You've been making others happy, did you know?

The life is full of mystery
Sometime is even more than peculiarity
They can hide with fausity over few reality
But this feeling for you can't be disguised for anything but real love

Let's take a time together for a while
I've been telling you to stop and look around
Notice how much beauty you have got, it's just for you, for yourself

(* Repeat)

Spinning a wheel
And let the faded dreams turning around
Don't ask me to slow down
I'll show you how just hang on tight

Never look down

I Saw You

Lyric :Akitoshi Shiomi 

I saw you
i've never had a feel like this
you bring me a touch of a smooth and cool velvet to me

I know you are waiting for the chance to do
a practical thing
and soon you'll do it pointlessly

it's up to you
whether shine or pouring rain
which weather's comin' through
so let you and I make a life

hold on, weigh down
hold on, let the love go down
there's no other to see

I saw you
I'm coming back to you right now
every ways on earth leads you to the place you want to go

I call you
any numbers on the phone get through
to you and have only to lift up phone and talk

hold on, stay awhile
hold on, never let you go
hold on, when I saw you

it's up to you
I cry or smile tonight, oh yeah
ast night we said goodbye so i cried
but tomorrow you will treat me kind and smile
so i'll smile
don't tease me, fix your attitude

Words Of Love

Lyric Yoshiyuki Takahashi

When you sing in a clear tone
When you say the words of love
My heart begins to burn
Not knowing the reason why

You're the one I wish to share my time
Nobody can play the part for you
I can't imagine you have gone to other place not here

We have come a long way
I recall the things I did to you so far
I have done something wrong
I regret to hurt you bad and I feel myself brand-new

Say, just what does harm you
Share with me, whatever makes you cry
You gave me strength to me
Cheered me up to give a smile

Now I see the scenes we're through
A dream we had came true
I feel like just flying, and it lasts forever

Now I swear I'll always be here
Every time whenever you need me
I do anything for you to make you ease at home, anytime

Come to me, I'll be your shelter
Fly away, you and I endlessly
We never break in two
No matter how it goes bad

Special Thanks
Masahiro"Masa" Gotoh
Masataka Hiroyasu,
Yoshiyuki "Gityou"Takahashi
Toshikazu "Sonshi" Kanazawa
Keiichi "K1"Ono
Tatsuji "Tekiya" Ashitani
Yukie Tajima